Brett sat down virtually with Chris O’Sullivan, Founder of Brother’s BBQ in Denver Colorado. Amid this global pandemic, Brother’s BBQ has found stability, success, and even the power to give back to their community by catering meals to first-line defenders and patients.

Chris breaks down the elements that have contributed to their performance and ability to adapt to this world-wide challenge. Their early preparation and action set them up for success in taking care of their employees, getting the word out about their take-out and delivery, and executing their operations.

When the news about the international outbreaks began to spread, Brother’s began preparing. They figured that dine-in and catering would soon be shut down and turned to take-out and delivery to make up for the cut in sales. Their existing relationships with their delivery and advertising partners helped put them in a good place to transition into solely a pick-up, delivery, and take-out restaurant.

Chris offered up some advice on how restaurant owners across the country can adapt their businesses to fit the needs of their customers.

  1. Safety comes first
  2. Take advantage of take-out and delivery
  3. Simplify your menu
  4. Be in business mode
  5. Your employees are everything