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Taking advantage of Denver’s population that misses hometown barbecue

This article was originally published by Judy Kneiszel in April, 2010.View the original article here. The Denver-based chain takes advantage of the area’s transient population that misses its hometown barbecue.The city of Denver does not immediately conjure up images of barbecue joints like St. Louis, Kansas City, or Texas can. But that’s precisely why Denver… Read more »

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Barbecue joint signs deal with King Soopers

This article was originally published by Aaron Kremer on May 19, 2015.View the original article here. Barbecue master Chris O’Sullivan said Denver-style barbecue is like the Mile High City’s exploding population: it pulls from all over the country. “We opened our first store with a thicker, sweeter sauce from Texas and beef from Kansas City,”… Read more »

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BBQ Ribs in the Oven

No need to be a pitmaster, you can easily cook ribs at home in the oven! While we obviously prefer that you come enjoy a juicy rack of ribs at one of our 5 Brothers BBQ locations in the Denver Metro Area, we’re still here to help even when you’re at home and searching for… Read more »

bbq ribs slow cooking at Brothers BBQ Colorado

7 types of wood for smoking meat

You know the smell…you’re at your friend’s house watching the game when you catch a whiff of something in the air that brings back savory memories. You immediately ask, “What’s that amazing smell?” Before your friend begins to brag, you already know what he’s about to say. “I bought a new smoker and I’ve got… Read more »