Rib Rub Spice Jar


If you like dry foods we would recommend to use this unique blend of top shelf spices for the perfect pork ribs or shoulders. Spread a small amount before smoking or grilling, put as much as you want. Great spice for sides and any other food that needs a little bit of spicing up.

This unique blend of top shelf spices is the perfect dry rub for pork ribs or shoulders. Sprinkle a generous amount on your meat prior to smoking or grilling, don’t be shy with it! It’s also awesome on fries, potato salad, coleslaw or anything else you want to add a little zip of spice to. Enjoy!

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We are proud of our meats, but what makes Brothers BBQ even better is our signature BBQ sauces. We use only premium ingredients and each of our sauces are gluten free!

For those who just can’t get enough

Join the Sauce Club, where every month we ship out a new bottle of sauce to BBQ lovers just like you. It works for all BBQ out there, whether you want to eat it yourself, gift it away, or just skip a trip to the store.

Join the Sauce Club

Makes a perfect gift for your favorite griller

Give the pleasure of an introduction to our delicious, home-made BBQ sauces with our BBQ Gift Pack. Pick 3 flavors, and we’ll include our signature Rib Rub Spice Blend.

BBQ Gift Pack

Where you can find a fresh bottle near you

Our sauces are available at any of our Brothers BBQ locations, any King Soopers in Colorado or City Market. Stop in today to grab a couple bottles of sauce for your next cookout, or add them to your cart and checkout right online!

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